Rock(et)ship – Multiplayer VR act

Storytrooper is a storytelling company that organizes immersive workshops for anybody who is interested in a good story. They asked me to explore new storytelling experiences for the company using Virtual Reality (VR).

The product I worked on is a location-based multiplayer VR act that can travel across events and includes wirelessly interconnected Android smartphones placed in Gear VR headsets. It involves a light-hearted mini story that can be enjoyed by all ages. The final iteration of my project can be seen as a first draft or starting point for a story-driven group experience that can be fleshed out once the hardware catches up in the coming year(s).

This is my graduation project for my Bachelor Communication & Multimedia Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The project is a hands-on research about cooperation, social elements and the current possibilities of local VR multiplayer gameplay. It’s trying to tackle the challenges and restrictions that come with developing for mobile VR and synchronizing game states over a wireless network.


The full documentation on the process and design choices can be viewed here:

Rock(et)Ship Design Rationale

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